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Namaqua West Coast Wine Route

The varied West Coast Wine Route covers a wide range of locations, from tucked-away family-run farms to well-known mega-wineries. The route begins in the hills around the village of Trawal in the south, and stretches north along the fertile Olifants River valley with its ideal growing conditions for distinctive wines, to Doring Bay to Lamberts Bay on the West Coast. The beauty of the region, popular with adventurous and active travellers, is enhanced by its down-to-earth and genuine people.


On the West Coast Wine Route, expect an intimate and fulfilling experience like no other - from charming, family-run farms in unique locations to some of South Africa’s most famous mega-wineries.

The delicacies of the Namaqua West Coast are a window to its heritage.  Try bokkoms and crayfish, but also liver-in-caul fat skilpaadjies and its sausage-equivalent, the pofadder, famously succulent lamb farm-style preserves; and, nuggets of sweet skuinskoek fried bread. From rustic unique location restaurants along the coast to fine dining in each town, there is a restaurant for every taste and vibe.

For adrenaline-seekers, Namaqua West Coast offers the combination of clean air, singular landscapes and challenging activities. From mountain climbing to hiking; 4x4 to mountain biking – it’s all here.

River walks along the Olifants River provide the best birding opportunities and there are bird hides near Papendorp.  The Flamingo Birding Route is one of the region’s little known treasures that incorporates excellent observation sites in mountain, coastal, sandveld and estuarine habitats. 


The Olifants River Valley has ideal growing conditions to produce distinctive wines: fertile soil, a relatively mild climate, low rainfall and cool sea breezes that slow down ripening in the summer months and produce outstanding grapes.

Quality is a hallmark of the wine, a fact increasingly being recognised by expert assessments, both locally and overseas. West Coast wines regularly feature as medal winners, enjoying consistent high-level ratings in authoritative publications. On the wine route, you’ll be able to appreciate just where these champion wines are made and even purchase most of them right at the cellar door.

Things To Do

Every year, after the first spring rains, the landscape is transformed into a carpet of veld flowers and is popular with local and international visitors. The rugged West Coast has pristine white beaches to enjoy, and from July, whales are regularly spotted in the many small bays.

  • Flower season
  • Wild camping
  • 4x4 routes
  • Mountain biking
  • Food and wine experiences
  • Birding
  • Seaside fun (fishing, swimming)
  • Hiking
  • Mission stations
  • Relaxing


There is no better way to celebrate the coming harvest with the Teubes Oeskoorsfees.  Enjoy grape stomping, wheel barrow race and many more family sports. Enjoy Teubes wines whilst being entertained by live music. For the adrenaline seekers, there is the yearly Fryers Cove Challenge, a 10km mountain bike route and fun run experience all along the coast starting in Strandfontein ending in Doringbaai at Fryers Cove winery & Jetty Restaurant.

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