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5 Things that are better during winter in the Winelands - Letishia

25 Jun 2018

There are so many magnificent destinations to explore in the Western Cape – so much to do, so little time, right?

Here's a taste of just a few places that I've been that I feel should be on the top of anyone's 'Things to do in the Cape Winelands in winter' list.

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Wine blending and vertical wine tastings

21 Jun 2018

A few wineries have gone the extra mile to help visitors understand what goes into making wine. 

You can expand your knowledge of South African wine by seeking out producers that allow you to blend your own or offer vertical tastings at their wineries. Learn more through these rare local experiences. 

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5 Things that are better during winter in the Winelands - Trudie

18 Jun 2018

It’s not fun to kiss summer picnics and late sunsets goodbye. But once again we are reminded why the love of wine is such a great romance, you can trade in your chilled whites for some warming reds and wineries have always got your back with their amazing winter offerings. There is bound to be a roaring fire or a special winter menu waiting to welcome you in the winelands.

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5 Things that are better during winter in the Winelands - Penelope

15 Jun 2018

As a sommelier and self-proclaimed foodie, the rainy days in the Winelands start showing other gems as everything slows down. I find myself having the precious time to really enjoy what is on offer.

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Lessons from my father

13 Jun 2018

Agriculture and activities like the making of wine is often a family affair, as the stories of many of South Africa's winemakers reflect. Marking Father's Day this month, Maryke Roberts asked some of them to be re-told.

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BLACC wine-lovers help spread the word

08 Jun 2018

The Black Cellar Club (BLACC) is a young organisation with a mission to share the story of South African wine. 

BLACC is a voluntary association created "to reach out to black Africans … interested in furthering their wine knowledge". 

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Tradition and history meets modern and trendy

23 May 2018

Ranging from 1700’s Cape Dutch buildings with thatched roofs, to ultra-modern millennium brick, cement and glass buildings, the Western Cape Winelands offer a diverse range of architecture, the one more show-stopping than the next. Even more so, most of these buildings are either set against the backdrop of the majestic Western Cape mountains, lush green vineyards, designer crafted gardens and/or a sapphire ocean.

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Must-do wine festivals: here’s a list of the last big ones

25 Apr 2018

Get ahead of your busy schedule and diarize 2018’s remaining food and wine festivals in the Cape winelands now. From large, family friendly shows to intimate, black-tie affairs – there’s plenty to get excited about.

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Aleit’s Top Six Wedding Venue Picks – Stellenbosch & Franschhoek Winelands

16 Mar 2018

The Aleit Group has been planning weddings for local and international bridal parties, including many a celebrity wedding, in the Winelands for 16 years.

“And it has to be said, this is our forte – from the nitty-gritty, to keeping the in-laws happy, from the not-so-fun-logistics, to the intrinsically extravagant wish-list, The Aleit Group will plan and pave the rose-petal-way to your perfect wedding. From the moment you walk in till the moment you walk out, every step of the way.”

Aleit writes for us about some of his favourite venues in the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek Winelands.

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Be water wise in the Western Cape

20 Feb 2018

Cape Town and the Western Cape are open for business in spite of the current drought. Visitors are arriving in a place with a significant breadth and depth of experiences and exceptional beauty. However, as beautiful as it is, the Western Cape is a water-scarce part of the world (much like other successful tourist regions like Southern California and Western Australia) and is vulnerable to the effects of climate change and is susceptible to periodic droughts.

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Cape Champion wine farms promote Cape Leopard conservation

19 Feb 2018

Several WWF Conservation Champions farms promote and support the conservation of the threatened Cape mountain leopard, setting an example of environmental protection in the wine industry.

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Tons of motivation for Harvest 2018

08 Feb 2018

We’ve awaited the 2018 harvest with cautious optimism and nervous anticipation, bracing ourselves for a lower yield as a result of the drought. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Word from the vineyards is positive as the harvest season is gaining momentum.

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