Visit Winelands

The Visit Winelands team of passionate wine and travel writers are sipping on some of our favourite wines while we do our part to flatten the curve during the lockdown.

Meet the people behind the stories on our blog, take a peek at what’s in their wine glasses and tell us what’s in yours as you dream about your next winery visit – like we are! 

Tshepang Molisana

Tshepang Molisana is a wine writer and buyer. She is the Veritas Young Wine Writer award winner for 2016. She dreams of writing a cookbook and completing her Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 course.

She currently enjoys taking long, romantic walks to her fridge. She’s drinking MCC, to bring light and joy into her work-from-home-space and some happiness to her dinner table.

Most importantly, you have to smile when bubbles rise in your glass!

Tshepang Molisana.

Amilinda Wilkinson

Amilinda Wilkinson is the epitome of all things gloriously hedonistic. You might have seen some of her food photographs and wine writing as The Little Hedonist. Always flanked by The Tall Hedonist, they never struggle to clear their plates.

“I've developed a slightly indecent obsession with Kunjani Wines since my first visit to the farm. Particularly so with the Kunjani Stolen Chicken Pia-Noir Rosé 2018. I've always been drawn to storytelling, and the Stolen Chicken Rosé has been harvested from several vines of love, loss, hope and passion, all poured into an exceptional bottle of rose-gold happiness.” 

Amilinda Wilkinson.

Letishia Charles

Letishia Charles is the queen bee of Queen Bee Hospitality Marketing, the pinnacle of a long career in luxury hospitality marketing. She is also momager to a talented tween, an animal lover and self-professed day-drinker.

She is enjoying a glass of Angels Tears Le Chocolat Pinotage while planning her next visit to Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate in the Franschhoek Wine Valley. This red wine pairs exceptionally well with the no-bake dessert that Letishia conjures up – a newly acquired lockdown skill! 

Letishia Charles.

Maryke Roberts

Maryke Roberts is one-half of a writing duo we like to call ‘The Veterans’ over at Visit Winelands. Maryke is an experienced travel, décor and lifestyle writer and no stranger to good wine.

This glass of Villiera Wines Methode Cap Classique Brut transports her to the original tasting that took place under the historic farm’s ancient oak trees a couple of years ago.

“There is always an ice-cold bottle in our fridge because you never know when you might want to bring the sunshine and smiles back into your day!”

Maryke Roberts.

Clifford Roberts

Clifford Roberts spends most of his time in the world of spirits. The drinking kind. He’s been scribbling since Nirvana was around.

A few years back he was inducted into the South African Brandy Guild and like James Bond, prefers his wine distilled.

He loves science writing; farms mealworms; plays the ukulele and is a keen and enthusiastic washer of hands (his own).

Clifford is drinking the KWV 12YO, made of Colombar and Chenin Blanc grape varieties. “A superlative drink whatever the mood, but I always cast on my dinner jacket for extra pizazz when touching my lips to the amber nectar.” There was a time, before lockdown, when Clifford donned actual trousers with his dinner jacket. 

Clifford Roberts.

​Penelope Setti

Penelope Setti is the manageress and sommelier at Chefs Warehouse on Breë Street, Cape Town. She is also a self-proclaimed foodie, lover of Chenin Blanc and the inspired wine-lover behind @WhataBlackGirlDrankLastNight on Instagram.

Penny is currently drinking a lovely 2019 Colombard, grown in the Slanghoek Valley, and produced by The Wine Thief.

“At 11% alcohol by volume, this light, zingy and lean wine was just perfect with the sunshine on my balcony. Expect to taste green apple, the green citrus flavours of lemon, limes and some pear. Just a beautiful palate cleanser.”

​Penelope Setti.

​Leani Jansen van Vuuren

Leani Jansen van Vuuren, our resident writer on all things family-friendly, is also a devoted mom, and professional communications consultant.

She penned our most popular blog ‘Your Ultimate Guide to Kid-Friendly Wine Estates’ and currently spends her days trying to convince her toddler boys that Pinterest crafts are fun whilst muting client Zoom calls. To relax, she does online Pilates classes and pulls out weeds.

She’s enjoying a glass of Ataraxia Wines 2016 Sauvignon Blanc from the Hemel en Aarde Valley.

​Leani Jansen van Vuuren.