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Celebrating innovation and excellence in wine tourism throughout the greatest wine regions in the world, Wesgro extends a call for applications across the province for wine producers, wine experiences and wineries to enter into the prestigious Great Wine Capitals Best Of Wine Tourism Awards 2021, free of charge.  

Waterkloof Wines
(Image: Waterkloof Wines)
Former 'Best of Wine Tourism Awards' winner Waterkloof Wines.

This international annual competition is designed to reward the wineries in each of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network’s member cities, for their excellence in seven different categories, including:

  • Accommodation
  • Wine Tourism Restaurants
  • Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices
  • Architecture & Landscape
  • Art & Culture
  • Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences
  • Wine Tourism Services

Providing a great opportunity to improve brand image in the wine and tourism sector globally, considerable media attention is given to the competition and winners. The international wine and tourism media regularly publish articles about the contest and the award-winning properties and wine tourism operators.

 Winners of the contest will also be included in an important annual global campaign financed by Great Wine Capitals, which includes a brochure designed and published; advertisements and advertorials booked on popular industry-related media, and social media attention about the winners activities - particularly on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Please follow the link and complete the application form along with supporting documents. Deadline for submissions is 30 August 2020.

Villiera Game Drivbe
(Image: Villiera Wines)
Villiera Wines, a former winner in the category 'Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices'.