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This year the town of Tulbagh marks the 50th year since it experienced the most destructive earthquake in South Africa’s history.

The town was rebuilt and restored and feels like a meeting place of the old and the new. On Church Street you’ll find traditional Cape Dutch houses with green shuttered windows and at the end of the road you’ll be able to enjoy Bootlegger coffee and contemporary art at Makers Mark. 

On the weekend of 27 - 29 September the town is hosting a Tulbagh Arts Festival to commemorate this massive event in the town’s past. They are celebrating the rebuilding of the town with art, wine and good food. 

Here's a look at some of the experiences we loved on a recent visit. 

Taste wine out of the barrel at Oude Compagnies Post

Located on the slope of the Saronsberg Mountain, just outside Tulbagh, Oude Compagnies Post has a picturesque view of the valley and some delicious wines you just have to try. The winemaker Dirk Swanepoel will take you on a personalised tour and will let you taste some wine out of the barrel. The farm is beautiful and they have great accommodation on offer if you’d like to stay for a night or more. 

Oude Compagnies Post
(Image: Visit Winelands)
Try delicious wine straight out of the barrel at Oude Compagnies Post.

Enjoy food and wine at Paddagang Restaurant

Exceptional food, service, and wine awaits at Paddagang Restaurant on Church Street in Tulbagh. It’s located in one of four original KWV wine houses and the restaurant serves local dishes paired with wines that complement the meal. We would definitely recommend the vegetable curry followed by one of their decadent cakes. Be sure to also check out their gift shop before you leave.

Paddagang Restaurant
(Image: Visit Winelans)
Enjoy the ambience with delicious food and wine at Paddagang restaurant.

Appreciate contemporary art at Saronsberg Cellar

Effective art and good wine have something fundamental in common: they move you. Experience both at Saronsberg Cellar where you can enjoy a wine-tasting and then browse their impressive collection of contemporary art. From large bronze sculptures to fine art from different movements, the art will leave you inspired. You’re bound to recognise the names of many local artists showcased by the cellar. You can enjoy a cheese platter and nibbles on the patio outside while you soak up the view of the mountains and its reflection on the dam.

Take your time and savour the local wine scene - visit some of the other cellars in the area too: 

Saronsberg Cellar
(Image: Visit Winelands)
Saronsberg is the perfect meeting place of art, wine and nature.

How about some local delicacies with that wine?

Have an olive experience at Oakhurst

At Oakhurst you’ll meet people so passionate about olives that they’ll make you feel another level of excitement over this tiny fruit. Taste their olive oil varieties and enjoy olives in multiple shapes and forms. We particularly enjoyed the olive marmalade and tapenade. 

Oakhurst Olives
(Image: Visit Winelands)
Olive oil shots anyone? We bet you’ve never had olive oil this good before!

Try an indulgent chocolate tasting at Moniki Chocolatier

Chocolate, arguably the food of the Gods, is what Moniki Chocolatier has perfected to an art. They pair their Belgium chocolate with different liqueurs and flavours to make unique treats you’ll fall in love with. Try a chocolate tasting with a drink of your choice and take some home as the perfect gift. 

Moniki Chocolatier
(Image: Visit Winelands)
Incredibly creamy and delicious chocolates from Moniki Chocolatier in Tulbagh.

Love local in Tulbagh

Remember at the De Oude Kerk Volksmuseum

At the end of Church Street four buildings make up the Oude Kerk Volksmuseum. The first is an old church built in 1743 that now houses artefacts, furniture, art and souvenirs from the town’s past. Across the street the Earthquake Museum is home to a collection of photos and personal accounts documenting the historic earthquake and its lasting impact in a beautiful way. There’s also a Victorian House Museum and a Pioneer House Museum that each depict the lifestyle of a time long past. This trip down memory lane will give you some context on the town and its history before we time travel back to the present.

Pics By Esteedv 3946
(Image: Visit Winelands)
Get a glimpse into the past at De Oude Kerk Volksmuseum in Tulbagh.

Drink coffee and admire the art at Makers Mark

Take a walk down Church Street and into the present day at Makers Mark. This art gallery meets coffeeshop, deli and shop is the kind of hip hidden gem travellers love discovering. Their collection of art is phenomenal and you can even rent a room for a night or two and stay in the beautifully curated space with all the modern luxuries you might need. They also sell a collection of locally crafted fashion and décor items. 

Makers Mark
(Image: Visit Winelands)
Visit Makers Mark for your art, coffee and gift shopping fix.

Shop at Made in Tulbagh

Locally made goods and products are becoming more sought after as community members turn to support locals artisans. Tulbagh has a beautifully curated retail space Made in Tulbagh specifically focused on items made in the area. From clothing to accessories, soaps and art you’ll definitely find a gift for yourself or a loved one while you browse this beautiful concept store. 

Pics By Esteedv 4112
(Image: Visit Winelands)
Visit Made in Tulbagh and browse a great curation of locally made goods.