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Yellow Fields and Golden Wine in Bot River – Visit Winelands
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It’s hard to decide which of the Western Cape’s wine regions are more spectacular during spring. Blossoms are starting to colour the bare branches of Franschhoek’s fruit trees, the vines of Stellenbosch are just starting to show signs of bright green life and everything seems so alive. The yellow canola fields of Bot River, however, make this region a solid contender for the most breathtaking of all.

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Just an hour’s drive from Cape Town, not far past Elgin, lies a tapestry of bright golden yellow and deep green. If Mother Nature were to knit you a quilt, this would be it. Canola fields stretch as far as the eye can see, creating a stunning effect and just begging passers-by to stop for a picture. The farms are private property and it’s not always safe to pull over in the middle of the highway, so we recommend booking a table at Gabriëlskloof, where you can sip on pale yellow Chenin Blanc, while you marvel at the fields of gold all around you. 

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Tips for taking pictures in the canola fields:

Make sure to take anti-histamine if you’re at all allergic to pollen

Also remember to take precautions if you’re allergic to bees

The light at 2pm is beautiful – not too harsh, but still bright enough to capture the magical yellow of the canola

Your clothes are likely to get stained by the yellow pollen and green oil of the plants, so make sure to dress accordingly 

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