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A 36-year-old Chenin Blanc vineyard on the farm Paardebosch in the Paardeberg region. Grapes from this vineyard are used in David & Nadia Aristargos. Photo: Liesl Basson

Vineyards that have been established for 35 years or longer in the Swartland and the rest of the Boland's winelands are currently enjoying renewed attention thanks to the innovative spirit of seasoned role-players in the local wine industry.

The Old Vine Project is a conservation initiative that aims to raise awareness regarding the maintenance of South Africa's old vines through sustainable vineyard practices. 

What initially started in 2002 as the passion project of Rosa Kruger, one of our the Swartland’s most recognized viticulturists, has now received funding from the Rupert Foundation and grown into a full-fledged industry initiative. These days, the project is largely driven by André Morgenthal and Jaco Engelbrecht.

The Old Vine Project aims to create renewed local and international interest in South African wines, and support producers and their workers by contributing over time to an increase in the price of wine grapes through a continuous and sharpened focus on quality rather than quantity.

"Old vineyards yield high quality grapes. The wines have a distinctive texture, with depth and complexity that reflects the vineyard's character. It also has a perceived freshness and acid balance directly related to the stability of the vines," explains the project's marketing and communications liaison, André Morgenthal.

In the Swartland there are already several winemakers who are exploring the unique character of old vines. This includes David & Nadia, Sadie Family Wines and Mullineux Family Wines. 

Visit for more information on the project and the role players involved.

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