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25 Unique self-catering farm stays for families in the Winelands

17 Jul 2018

Memories are made of this. Families and friends sharing an idyllic breakaway together, somewhere on a serene farm in a wine region.

Here’s our list of 25 highly recommended fresh-air South African farm stays for large families, varying from earthy and rustic to lavish and luxurious.

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Talking food & wine with chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

09 Jul 2018

South African Michelin-star chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen is passionate about South African food and wine and all his dishes served at his restaurant, JAN, in Nice, France, have some South African influence. In fact, a lot of them are purely South African dishes served in an interesting way. We spoke to him about his love for South African food and wine.

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South Africa's journey to world-class brandy

02 Jul 2018

Like many of South Africa's wines, local brandy is world-class and there's nowhere better to enjoy them than where they're born.

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5 Things that are better during winter in the Winelands

25 Jun 2018

There are so many magnificent destinations to explore in the Western Cape – so much to do, so little time, right?

Here's a taste of just a few places that I've been that I feel should be on the top of anyone's 'Things to do in the Cape Winelands in winter' list. 

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Through continued expansion and development, the South African wine tourism industry encourages responsible tourism, economic empowerment and reinvestment in the community, ensuring a stable and viable economic future for all role-players. Tourism is a crucial driver of economic growth, especially in under-developed rural areas, and contributes to local upliftment and job creation. Wine tourism also stimulates community development, attracts consumers to rural areas, generates sales of local products and attracts corporate investment in the long term.

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