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Aleit’s Top Six Wedding Venue Picks – Stellenbosch & Franschhoek Winelands

16 Mar 2018

The Aleit Group has been planning weddings for local and international bridal parties, including many a celebrity wedding, in the Winelands for 16 years. 

“And it has to be said, this is our forte – from the nitty-gritty, to keeping the in-laws happy, from the not-so-fun-logistics, to the intrinsically extravagant wish-list, The Aleit Group will plan and pave the rose-petal-way to your perfect wedding. From the moment you walk in till the moment you walk out, every step of the way.” 

Aleit writes for us about some of his favourite venues in the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek Winelands. 

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Quality Time and Quality Wine: Easter in the Winelands

05 Mar 2018

Celebrate Easter by pairing quality time with quality wine in the South African winelands. Whether you are looking  to have a memorable Easter with the kids or just make the best of the long weekend with fine dining and special tastings, you will find your fun at some of our favourite farms.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Kid Friendly Wine Estates in South Africa

01 Mar 2018

Many of South Africa’s top wine estates cater for children, ensuring you won’t have to worry about entertaining them, or feel judged if your little ones giggle (insert scream) a bit too loud. Here’s our round-up of 30 kid friendly wine estates in South Africa.

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Cape Champion wine farms promote Cape Leopard conservation

19 Feb 2018

Several WWF Conservation Champions farms promote and support the conservation of the threatened Cape mountain leopard, setting an example of environmental protection in the wine industry.

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Through continued expansion and development, the South African wine tourism industry encourages responsible tourism, economic empowerment and reinvestment in the community, ensuring a stable and viable economic future for all role-players. Tourism is a crucial driver of economic growth, especially in under-developed rural areas, and contributes to local upliftment and job creation. Wine tourism also stimulates community development, attracts consumers to rural areas, generates sales of local products and attracts corporate investment in the long term.

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